Galati 2050

My Galati 2050 competition entry uses the unexploited potential of two adjacent cities – Braila and Galati: their status of local university centres to rethink their relationship with the Danube river and revive their public realm.

By creating a strong icon of public transport and by positioning the stations in key urban “rooms”, each with its own personality and feel, the proposal seeks to transform the area into a vibrant space for the young generation which usually leaves after finalising their academic studies, affecting both the demographic trends and the economy of the region.

Each of the identified urban rooms represents a peace of the puzzle and each contributes in a unique way to the goal of creating a diverse and vibrant public space and economic platform for the city. The public transport axis provides the necessary link connecting the two cities and thus creating a common pool of public functions for the region.

You can find more information about the Galati 2050 copetition and book here