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Razvan Zamfira – Razvan Zamfira

Razvan Zamfira

Greenwich Emotion Map

Short description: Artist Christian Nold worked with different neighborhood groups to explore the area afresh and build an emotion map of the area that explo...

The Re-birth of the Company Town book

Clusters, technopoles, milieus of innovation, science parks, company towns, corporate campuses and all other silicon-“things” are based on one simple idea – the...

TBI: youth, city and heritage

The "TBI: youth, city and heritage" project is the response of 30 young people from 7 countries to the identified demographic, social, economic, cultural, commu...

“TOTAL DESIGN” had failed us!

The grand utopian visions have become just another chapter of a book about the idealistic nature of society at the turn of the century and while Stockholm still...

Learning from Black Rock City in 3 parts

Black Rock City is created every year at the end of August by 50,000 people who converge on the desert each year to create this temporary but legitimate city wi...

Razvan Zamfira

Architecture meets graphic design, data visualisation and urban studies plus a bunch of other useful skills developed on a need to know basis like coding, writing grant applications and GIS, just to name a few.