4CITIES – Euromaster in Urban Studies

Dates: Sept 2014 – Jul 2016

Institutions: Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB), Universität Wien, KØbenhavns Universitet, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Universidad Complutense de Madrid


Masters in Architecture & Urban Planning

Dates: Sept 2011 – Jul 2013

Institution: “Ion Mincu” Architecture & Urban Planning University


Bachelor in Architecture & Urban Planning

Dates: Sept 2007 – Jul 2011

Institution: “Ion Mincu” Architecture & Urban Planning University


Project Management & European Fund Absorbtion Training Program

Dates: Jun 2012 – Sept 2012

Institution: EUROLINK – Europe House

ILM Level 5 Award in Leadership (Regeneration & Place-making)

Dates: Aug 2010 – Oct 2010

Institution: Homes and Communities Agency

“Green Building Professional” Certication

Dates: Sept 2012 – Mar 2013

Institution: Romanian Green Building Council

Website: cation-and-training-pro- gram/the-graduates


Vice-President and Founding Member

Organization: Poiana lui Iocan NGO

Date: Jan, 2013 – present

Location: Bucharest, RO

Description: Poiana lui Iocan is an interdisciplinary think-tank composed of international researcher in urban studies, architecture, sociology and marketing. Its main mission is to explore the role of contemporary design as a facilitator of new types of interactions that can lead to the development of new types of urban governance structures. Our projects focus on developing new tools meant to facilitate the understanding of complex “wikied problems” associated with contemporary urban planning.

Main projects:

Open Planning Office: Poiana lui Iocan @ Bucharest Annual Architecture Festival 2013

Mapping the City – Online and Offline Participatory Mapping Toolkit

Cinema Favorit – Pop-Up Community Led Cultural Center

Wembley Spatial Agency – Urban Development Information Office

Urboteca – Urban Living Lab for Contemporary Inclusive Governance Structures

Dambovita Smart River Platform – NGO Coalition supporting the redevelopment of the main river in Bucharest


Graphic Designer

Organization: French Cultural Institute of Bucharest

Date: Jan, 2014 – Sept, 2014

Location: Bucharest, RO

Description: Lead designer for all of the activities and events undergone by the institute. I was in charge with developing the design and branding concepts for a series of music and film festivals as well as taking care of weekly and monthly publications for all the branches of the local institution.

Graphic Designer

Organization: Quartz Media Production

Date:  Sept, 2013 – Mar, 2014

Location: Bucharest, RO

Description: Print and web design for cultural events.

Junior Researcher

Organization: Romanian Green Building Council

Date: Sept, 2012 – May, 2013

Location: Bucharest, RO

Description: Researcher for the “Romania’s Greenest Buildings” publication which analysed national trends in sustainable building projects and the development potential of the local real-estate market.

Research assistant for the “Building Greener Schools” Campaign focusing on methods of improving the quality of interior spaces in Romanian schools.

Research assistant – Living Building Challenge “Cacica Eco-Library” Project


4Cities Master Thesis – The Re-birth of Company Towns: How Corporations are Reshaping Life, Work and Play in the City

Date: Jan, 2014 – Sept, 2016

Locations: Multiple

Description: Based on a mix of urban studies and future studies methodologies, the research looks at how contemporary economic trends and practices can create a new breath of corporate-led urban development typology and the rebirth of the company town model.


 Research projects part of the 4Cities Program

Date: Dec 2015 – Jun, 2016

Locations: Multiple


Local Globalization Patterns – The Case of Bucharest- Ilfov Region in Romania

Urban Regeneration Programs – The Case of Neighborhood Contracts in Brussels

Social Inequality Patterns and their Geographical Distribution in Bucharest

Ghettoization in Post-Socialist Cities – The Case of Ferentari Area in Bucharest

What if Balkan Mayors Would Rule the World – The Case of Ljubljana, Zagreb and Belgrade

Urban Living Labs in the Austrian context

A Geography of Hairdresser Salons in Vienna

Mixing Short-Term and Long-Term Strategies for Brown field Redevelopment – The Case of Ganz Factory in Budapest

British Virgin Islands – A demographic perspective

From City Station to Station City – An Analysis of the Current Design Trends in European Train Stations

Learning from Experience Economy Landscapes – The Case of Burning Man Festival and Black Rock City

An Evaluation Methodology for Industrial Heritage in Copenhagen

From Strategies and Tactics to Strategy-Tactics – A Cultural Studies Perspective

The City – A Users Guid

Date: Dec 2015

Location: Bucharest, RO

Web link:

Description: An educational manual developed for high school students that invites them to understand the urban context from an interdisciplinary playful perspective in 12 chapters on the economy, history, nature, art and governance of our contemporary cities.

Uncube Magazine – Local corespondent

Date: Nov, 2013 – Feb, 2016

Location: –

Web link:

Description: Short blog contribution regarding the architecture and urban planning in the Balkans

Public Participation in Urban Planning Processes – Resources for Local Governments

Date: Oct 2013

Location: Bucharest, RO

Web link: parea_publicului_in_procesele_de_plani care_urbana.pdf

Description: In 2010, a new law meant to establish a coherent framework for information and consultation regarding public works was set into place in Romania. The study analyses how this set of rules where implemented in 40 municipalities and proposes strategies for streamlining the process in the future.

WonderLab Exhibition – 24 Hours City – All Inclusive

Date: Aug 2013

Location: Vienna, AU

Web link: http://ww-

Description: My entry for the exhibition concerned new types of architecture practices where the architect and the architecture object plays the role of the mediator, negotiating the step by step implementation process and taking an active role in designing the space around an ever changing open innovation business plan for creative clusters.

Architecture Master Thesis – Industrial Heritage Adaptive Reuse in the context of Urban Regeneration and Creative Clusters

Date: Jul 2013

Location: Bucharest, RO


Description: Theoretical paper focused on understanding the economic and public policy environment in which adaptive reuse can become benefficial for future city development. A large part of the study is focused on actor-network analysis and real estate forecasting for the near future as well as the new opportunities offered by Creative Clusters as means of creating long-term local economic growth.

Future of the City – ECO REHAB 3 – Mass Housing Estates or Multifamily Housing Complexes (insert)

Date: Jul 2013

Location: Krakow, PL

Web link:

Description: Report outlining opportunities of upgradeing existing Mass Housing Estates around Europe (based on research data collected during the three workshops organized in Bucharest, Barcelona and Krakow.


Idrija+ Urban Development Strategy

Date: Mar, 2016 – Jul, 2016

Location: Idrija, SI

Web link:

Description: An alternative urban development vision for the small former mining town of Idrija, Slovenia. Through an interdisciplinary approach, we have developed a “periodic table of elements” that transforms the city from a Mercury Mining UNESCO Heritage Site into a vibrant urban area based on open business innovation and public participation.

Targu Jiu – Brancusi Heroes Crossing Statuary Ensemble – Heritage Protected Area Redevel- opment and Modernization. – First Prize

Date: Dec, 2012

Location: Targu Jiu, Gorj County, RO

Web link: ea-zonei-protejate-ansamblului-monumental-calea-eroilor-din-targ

Description: The purpose of the project was to develop the general strategy for the integration of the competition site in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The objectives focus on developing a visitor and car traffic management plan as well as general guidelines for future architecture interventions in the area.

Galati 2050 – The Would-Be City – Finalist

Date: Apr, 2011

Location: Galati, Galati County, RO

Web link:

Description: The purpose of the project was to assist the cities of Braila and Galati in developing a functional urban system based on public transport and on a new urban design strategy that will unite the adjacent cities by sharing their existing public space infrastructure.

Inspired Design Competition 2010 – Dambovita River Hydroponic Info Pavilion

Date: Oct, 2010

Location: Bucharest, RO

Web link:

Description: Floating installation showcasing the importance of water courses for the cities we leave in. The pavilion was also designed to inform on the development of a larger local scheme for regenerating the Dambovita Riverfront in Bucharest


Urban Fest 2015 – The role of DIY OpenData in Enabler Smart City initiatives

Date: Jun 2015

Location: Bucharest, RO

Web link: fest_ro.htm

London School of Economics Bucharest Workshop – Who is afraid of public participa- tion in Bucharest

Date: Mar 2014

Location: Bucharest, RO

Web link: ing-city-atelier-urban-cu-lse/

Crisis and Innovation in Urban Development in post-socialist Romania

Date: Nov 2013

Location: Milan, IT

Web link: ture.

TEDxCity 2.0 Bucharest – Developing new tools and frameworks for participatory city development

Date: Sept 2013

Location: Bucharest, RO

Web link: ra-poiana-lui-iocan/