Greenwich Emotion Map

Short description:

Artist Christian Nold worked with different neighborhood groups to explore the area afresh and build an emotion map of the area that explores people’s relationship with their local environment. The project was set up as a series of participatory workshops that invited people to borrow a Bio Mapping device and go for a walk. The device measures the wearer’s Galvanic Skin Response (GSR), which is an indicator of emotional arousal in conjunction with their geographical location.

Project timeline: 2005 – 2006

Initiator/s: Christian Nold

Initiator type/s: Individual / Citizen group

Location: Greenwich, London, UK and a few other neighbourhood

Scale of data collection: Neighborhood


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Problem oriented / Open ended: Problem oriented

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If qualitative and quantitative methods were mixed how was this done?

Quantitative data referring to a participants emotional arousal was combined with qualitative data regarding their actual feelings in specific places on the map

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